Moving into an aged care residence is a really big decision and it’s important you have a good understanding of the fees and costs associated. Everyone’s circumstances are a little bit different, so costs will vary depending on your particular situation.

Call our team on 5022 1022 to discuss the costs associated with moving to our home. We can also help plan for when you or a loved one is ready to move at some point in the future.



Government Funding

You may be entitled to some funding from the government to move into one of our aged care homes. This is through government’s MyAgedCare (MAC) system. It can be a little confusing and so we are happy to talk you through any questions that you may have.

How does it all work?

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care works by looking at each person’s individual situation, and assigning you funding for the support you need. You can then choose who you want providing those services for you.

If you meet the Australian Government’s eligibility criteria you will be able to access a great variety of government funded aged care services – from basic in-home help right through to full-service aged care homes.

When you let MAC know that Princes Court is your preferred provider, they’ll direct your funding to us, so we can commence your services.

It’s simple to get started

  • Step 1: Call us at Princes Court on 03 5022 1022
  • Step 2: We’ll help you explore what type of support you might need, and connect you with MAC so you can begin accessing your aged care services
  • Step 3: MAC will assess your needs and assist you in accessing the services you require
  • Step 4: You nominate Princes Court as your preferred provider
  • Step 5: We commence your care

We’re here to help – call us on 5022 1022 if you’d like a hand.