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Princes Court Hosts Uplifting Performance by Migrant and Refugee Choir

Princes Court Hosts Uplifting Performance by Migrant and Refugee Choir

At Princes Court, our commitment to fostering meaningful connections within the Mildura community was showcased last week as we welcomed a vibrant choir of migrant and refugee English students from AMES Australia. This special event marked their debut performance, bringing a unique blend of cultures and uplifting spirits to our residents.

A Harmonious Gathering

The choir, composed of newly arrived migrants and refugees, have been enthusiastically rehearsing under the guidance of volunteers Megan Sullivan and Mavis Francis. Their performance at Princes Court was not only their first musical appearance in Mildura but also a delightful experience for everyone involved.

Joan Jenkinson, a resident with a rich history of working 42 years in a nursing home, expressed her profound enjoyment of the event. Joan engaged in delightful conversations with several choir members and was deeply impressed by their volunteer spirit. “We thoroughly enjoyed it – everyone I talked to,” she shared, reflecting on the performance.

Joan, who sang in a church choir during her youth, was captivated by the choir’s beautiful voices and appreciated every song. “I enjoyed all the songs,” she said with a smile. She was particularly touched by their rendition of “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree,” which resonated with her fond memories of life on a farm. “Oh, I loved that; coming off a farm where I lived for years and years,” she reminisced.

With a large crowd of residents gathered for the performance, Joan noted how wonderful and kind it was for the choir to spend their time singing for them. “It was absolutely wonderful. So very good of them to spend the time singing for us,” she said. Joan also expressed her deep appreciation for her life at Princes Court, exclaiming, “Oh, I love it. I absolutely love it.” The visit from the choir not only brightened the day for Joan but also underscored the enriching experiences available to the residents at Princes Court.

Music Bridging Cultures

Our residents were delighted by the choir’s renditions of popular songs such as “Cover Me With Sunshine” by Pink and the beloved Australian tune “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree.” For many choir members, this experience was their first visit to an aged care facility, sparking interest in future careers within the sector.

The visit to Princes Court allowed the students to explore the possibilities within aged care and gave them a chance to give back to the community that has warmly welcomed them, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces and created lasting memories. “It was a great opportunity for them to mingle with the elderly people in aged care, as most of them have never been to an aged facility before and some didn’t know what it was,” said Albi Dinkar, an AMES Australia teacher. 

Building Community Through Music

Megan Sullivan, a volunteer, expressed her joy in working with the choir, describing it as incredibly rewarding experience. “It’s lovely working with this group – they are so enthusiastic and interesting to talk to,” she said.

Afghan refugee and choir member Ali Ghulam Reza shared his thoughts on the experience: “Singing in the choir is a great way to meet people and learn more about the community. It was a fun experience and it was interesting for me; I have never been to an aged care facility before. This was my very first visit and I am glad to have been able talk and spend time with elderly people. It’s given me the idea that maybe in the future, I will work in aged care.”

At Princes Court, we pride ourselves on being a pillar of the Mildura community. Events like these highlight our dedication to creating a nurturing environment where residents and community members of all backgrounds can come together and thrive.

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Quotes from Albi Dinkar, Megan Sullivan, and Ali Ghulam Reza courtesy of Sunraysia Daily.