Princes Court has extended a helping hand across the country to flood-affected communities in north Queensland.

Mildura’s not-for-profit aged care provider has launched a lamington drive to raise funds for the UnitingCare North Queensland Disaster Appeal, which has set a target of $300,000 to ensure victims receive the emotional and psychological support they need.

Princes Court CEO Jenny Garonne said residents were preparing to make hundreds of lamingtons as orders poured in from the local community.

“Mildura might be over 2,000km away from the communities that have been devastated by drought and floods, but we feel for what they’re going through and want to support them however we can,” Ms Garonne said.

“We decided to reach out to another aged-care provider called Blue Care, which is part of UnitingCare Queensland, and offered our help to their recovery team which is working with people on the ground.

“We hope our donation makes a difference in these communities, now and into the future.”
Ms Garonne said people could get involved by placing an order or helping to make the lamingtons.

“There are lots of new fundraising ideas around, but our residents love the old-fashioned lamington drive – and so does the local community,” she said.

“We will be making traditional chocolate and raspberry lamingtons, and we’re very fortunate to have the support of Deakin Bakery, which is donating the sponge cakes.”

Lamington orders must be in by Monday 11 March. For more information, contact Princes Court Homes at

Residents Barb Hayes and Betty Ireland preparing for the lamington drive

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