Princes Court

Intellectual experiences

Many residents enjoy the challenge of stretching their minds with creative writing, word games, quizzes, story writing, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, current affairs, poetry or reading.
Reminiscence is a pastime enjoyed by many as it rekindles memories and secures a feeling of self-assurance. Staff co-ordinate residents and family meetings to gain invaluable information for lifestyle planning..

Library services

The library is a cosy area situated in the private dining room, housing a variety of large print books and magazines. All material is available on loan to residents. Resident welcome to use this area. There are also tea and coffee facilities available in the Activities Centre.
The Mildura Library offers a free exchange and delivery service directly to resident’s rooms. This is a popular service and recommended to residents who enjoy reading. Contact the Mildura Library or Lifestyle Officers for further information.

Technology connection to families

We provide supported assistance to residents to connect to families who now often live away from the area or during times when face to face communication is not available. Our activities staff are happy to support residents through linking up with phone, tablets or computers. Wifi is available throughout the facility..


The Sunraysia Daily Newspaper is delivered daily to each unit. Residents can order their own newspapers and magazines. Orders can be left at reception at a small cost to the resident.