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Rosie’s Handcrafted Mother’s Day Gifts Magic at Princes Court Homes

Rosie’s Handcrafted Mother’s Day Gifts Magic at Princes Court Homes

At Princes Court Homes, we are always looking for ways to make our residents feel special, and one of our exceptional staff members, Rosie, has been spreading joy through her handmade creations.

Rosie hand-made crocheted flowers for all our female residents, creating truly memorable and heartfelt gifts for Mother’s Day.

Rosie’s journey began when her son gifted her a crochet kit last year. While exploring what new things she could make, she stumbled upon a YouTube tutorial showcasing beautiful, crocheted flowers. Immediately, she thought of our residents and the joy these handmade posies could bring to them. Excited about the idea, Rosie consulted with Abby, our activities coordinator, to see if it would be a suitable project. With a budget to cover materials, Rosie enthusiastically commenced.

Starting on 7th March, Rosie dedicated herself to this labour of love. Each individual flower took her about an hour to crochet, adding up to approximately 4 hours in total to assemble into a posy, and she created an astounding 84 of them! Rosie chose to make 84 flowers, one for each female resident, because they all feel like family to her.

Having never met her own grandmother, she feels a deep connection with the residents, considering them as many grandmothers.

Rosie’s creative process is both heartfelt and thoughtful. She began by making lavender flowers, representing the residents, and then expanded to forget-me-nots, symbolising a bond so they wouldn’t forget her, and roses, reflecting her own name. She chose hessian for the posies to give them a Sunraysia country feel and family warmth. .

To add an extra touch, Rosie sprayed the flowers with a floral blend perfume, enhancing their sensory appeal. Her inspiration for the perfume came from a previous project where residents instinctively smelled lavender flowers she had made, reinforcing the natural association between flowers and fragrance.

Despite the meticulous work involved, Rosie managed to stay within a modest materials budget per gift by covering the time costs herself. Creating each bouquet was a labour-intensive process, but Rosie found the experience rewarding and relaxing, as crocheting is a beloved hobby. “It’s a hobby, and I enjoy doing it, so it’s relaxing,” Rosie shared.

She finds joy and relaxation in crocheting, and the smiles of the residents are a priceless reward for her efforts.
The feedback from our residents was overwhelmingly positive. One resident started to cry when she received her flower, and she couldn’t believe it, saying, “It’s for me, it’s for me?” These smiles, tears of joy, and words of appreciation confirmed that Rosie’s efforts made a significant impact.

Looking forward, Rosie has more creative projects planned for Princes Court Homes. She is already underway with ears of rice, designed to resemble a yellow field of rice, followed by some new flower designs. Her ongoing dedication to bringing joy to our residents exemplifies the values we hold dear at Princes Court.

At Princes Court Homes, we are incredibly proud of Rosie and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of our residents. Her creativity, kindness, and hard work are truly inspiring. Thank you, Rosie, for your wonderful contribution to our community.