Homes Testimonials

  • The things I like about Princes Court Homes is being looked after in a homely and friendly atmosphere, close to family and friends. The unit I am in is comfortable and large enough to have some of my own treasures. I like the separate units as there are only a few of us and we have become very close and often help each other if necessary. Probably the most important thing is the wonderful staff who are always so kind and caring and often take the time to have a laugh and a chat with us. The activities that we have available to us are endless and I really enjoy the Bingo, music, bowls and the wonderful gardens around the homes.

    Dot Irvine
  • I moved into Princes Court Homes in August 2014 and loved the place straight away, no worries. Everybody else is in the same boat as me, on my own. The family you have , live their own lives and now have grandchildren, so I set out to make a new life of my own. Looking for things to do was no problem. I asked in the office if I could like stamps, they made me feel very welcome. I was happy at long last as I was useful. Then came Christmas and I wanted to bake. Again, no worries. The Activity room had me baking Christmas cookies. There is always something to take your mind off yourself. I said I would like to plant some seedlings, again Fred came to the rescue with a planter box and everybody took an interest in my box of seedlings. We are waiting for the cooler weather to replant seedlings on a Saturday afternoon. I thought I would brighten up the place and put on an afternoon coffee and cakes, which proved very successful. Often someone would stroll in to see if there was a spare cup going. Talking to Dot and Betty, we all agreed how much we like seafood so I buy seafood salad, coleslaw and fresh bread rolls for our tea once a week in our unit. All these things help me as I have a great need to feel needed. The staff know how I feel and for that I am grateful. We have many laughs. Then there are the volunteers who take a great interest in my doings, I just don’t have time to feel sad or lonely as this is my home and I am thankful for the encouragement I receive.

    Edith Giddings

Village Testimonials

  • As a resident of Princes Court Village, I value the freedom of independent living, plus the many opportunities for involvement in community life.

    Dorothy Jones
  • We do not hesitate to recommend the Village to prospective residents, for the quality of life, the wide range of facilities and the friendly capable staff.

    The Hon Kenneth Mackenzie OAM
  • We have found there to be a warm cooperative spirit between the residents, many of whom we already knew and some old friends.

    The Hon Kenneth Mackenzie OAM
  • Village living is so good, there is always something to do each day, even if it’s just friendly cups of tea.

    Shirley Hosking
  • It’s a wonderful feeling when you leave your home to go on holidays and you know everything is safe and well looked after.

    Shirley Hosking
  • We’ve been residents for over 6 years and have been very pleased with our choice.

    Lloyd and Peg Gebhart
  • We are in close proximity to doctors, the public and private hospitals, and it's central to the major shopping centres.

    Lloyd and Peg Gebhart
  • The open, spacious, peaceful environment with broad roadways and vivid flowering shrubs add much charm.

    Barbara Tregonning
  • The units are pleasantly spacious and adequate for couples and singles. A place where one can be as private or as sociable as one likes.

    Ross Tongue