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Maxine Withers: A 100-Year-Old Author Whose Secret to a Sharp Mind is Playing Cards

Maxine Withers: A 100-Year-Old Author Whose Secret to a Sharp Mind is Playing Cards

Meet Maxine Withers, a remarkable 100-year-old age care resident of Mildura’s Princes Court Homes who has just published her second book. The book, titled Upfield at Albemarle, tells the story of Arthur Upfield, Australia’s first international crime fiction writer, and his relationship with Albemarle Station from the 1920s. What is even more remarkable about Ms Withers is that she has attributed her sharp mind and ability to write at 100 years old to playing cards throughout her life.

Born in 1922, Ms Withers had a personal connection to Albemarle Station having grown up on a sheep station near Menindee before completing high school as a boarder at Seymour. During World War II, Ms Withers worked as a hand on her family’s sheep station before publishing her first book, Bushmen of the Great Anabranch, in 1989. Her love for writing never ceased, and she continued to write and perfect her craft throughout her long life.

In an interview with Sunraysia Daily, Ms Withers shared that she has always enjoyed writing and is thrilled to have her latest book published. She stated that reading and talking to people keeps her mind active, and writing makes her feel young again. Her advice for staying healthy and living to 100 includes exercising, eating good food, enjoying the little things, being kind to people, and being thankful.

It’s fascinating to see how Ms Withers’ love of cards has contributed to her mental agility. Studies have shown that playing cards can help improve cognitive function, particularly in seniors. Card games require memory recall, quick thinking, strategic planning, and mental stimulation – all of which are integral for keeping the brain active and healthy. By making card games a regular part of her life, Ms Withers has kept her mind sharp, which has undoubtedly contributed to her writing success.

As businesses, we can learn several lessons from Maxine Withers. Firstly, age is just a number, and we shouldn’t underestimate the potential of seniors. Secondly, we need to prioritize mental stimulation for all age groups to promote cognitive health and vitality. Finally, engaging in activities that we love can keep us motivated and help us maintain a sense of purpose and fulfilment throughout our lives.

Maxine Withers is a true inspiration and a testament to the adage that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Her 100-year-old mind is sharp and active, thanks to playing cards and her love of writing. As businesses, we should look to examples like Ms Withers to challenge age-related stereotypes. We should prioritize promoting cognitive health and vitality across all age groups, and encourage people to engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfilment. Let Maxine’s story serve as a reminder that we can achieve anything, no matter our age, with passion, dedication, and perseverance.